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According to paragraph 1 of article 18 of Decree-Law no. 74/2006, of 24 March, in its current wording, the cycle of studies leading to a master’s degree has 90 to 120 credits and a normal duration of between three and four curricular semesters of student work.

The master’s degree is conferred in a specialty, and when necessary, the specialties may be divided into areas of specialization.

In polytechnic education, master’s degrees predominantly ensure the acquisition of a specialization of a professional nature, with a strong component of scientific training that aims at the development of a critical vision and the acquisition of professional skills, with greater autonomy, through the research to be carried out.

Condições de Acesso

1. The following may apply for access to the cycle of studies leading to the Master’s degree:

a) Holders of a bachelor’s degree organized in 180 ECTS or legal equivalent;

b) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized in accordance with the Bologna principles by a state adhering to this Process;

c) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree that is recognized as meeting the objectives of the bachelor’s degree, by the respective Technical-Scientific Council;

d) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum, which is recognized as attesting to the ability to carry out this cycle of studies by the Technical-Scientific Council;

e) Holders of a two-year bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree organized in 300 ECTS or legal equivalent, preferably in courses in the area;

The recognition referred to in paragraph 1(b) and (d) has the effect only of granting access to the cycle of studies leading to a master’s degree and does not confer on its holder the equivalence to the bachelor’s degree or recognition of this degree.

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